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New SCI/SFI SelfSensing End Suction Pumps
Added to Taco Online Pump Selection App

Taco's new SCI and SFI Self-Sensing Pumps—the industry's first self-sensing end suction pumps— have been added to the Pump Selection App.

The app is available online at the Taco website and on mobile devices.

To find SCI and SFI SelfSensing Pumps for your application. Open the app:

  1. Choose SelfSensing or standard pump.

  2. Enter your design head, flow and other requirements.

  3. Click the pump types of your choice in the left-hand column.

  4. Click Search and...

    ...the app will display applicable model numbers, specifications and pump curves.

  1. Click on a pump curve...

    ...to see a full-size view
    and detailed pump performance specifications.

The new SCI Close Coupled End Suction Pumps and SFI Frame-Mounted End Suction Pumps, with their integrated Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), make fast, accurate, do-it-yourself system balancing easy. They help to reduce balancing contractor costs and eliminate expensive wiring and the need for external sensors.

The pumps provide superior reliability and ease of installation for heating, air conditioning, pressure boosting, cooling water transfer and water supply applications. All meet the latest standards for hydraulic performance and dimensional characteristics for quiet, dependable and proven performance.

The Pump Selection app works in concert with the other product selection apps and Project Builder, Taco's powerful, web-based app that saves time. Eliminates paperwork and increases accuracy for hydronic engineers and designers.

Project Builder enables you to quickly select the right products for a job and assemble all related project files. You can also use Project Builder to share projects with other team members, to make collaboration easier and more convenient.

Project Builder is intuitive and easy to use. Project Builder works on any web browser, so it is ready to use without any software to download. Remember, the Taco website is available 24/7 with documents videos and other support to help you.


Thanks for your interest.

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